Aevis Cloud Central


Unleash the full potential of your retail business with our groundbreaking cloud-based asset management system, fueled by the unmatched power of the Intel platform. AEVIS CLOUD CENTRAL is the ultimate solution that seamlessly integrates Intel’s cutting-edge technology, offering unrivaled RFID tracking capabilities across multi-retail stores. Experience unparalleled performance, scalability, and reliability as you revolutionize your business operations. Embrace the Intel-powered future and stay steps ahead of the competition!

Asset Management System

Our solution allows business owner to effectively track, monitor, and optimize their inventory assets in their warehouse or stores.. It provides a centralized platform for managing retail inventories and transactions. The system includes features for asset tracking, maintenance scheduling, inventory management, data analytics, and reporting thereby improving the operational efficiency, cost reduction and make data-driven decisions to optimize asset utilizations and performances.

RFID and Barcodes

Barcodes and RFID technologies are valuable tools for asset management systems. Barcodes provide a cost-effective way to identify and track assets using scanning devices. RFID tags offer contactless and real-time tracking, allowing for quick and automated asset management. Both technologies enhance accuracy, efficiency, and visibility in asset tracking, leading to streamlined processes and better decision-making capabilities.

Defined Process Flow

Our solution ensures the best optimized practices of the logistic workflows while maintaining a easy to understand essential process for business owners to maintain. 

Offline Server Support

Aevis Cloud Central maintains the most updated transactions in real-time. However, in the event of remote disconnectivity at store level, we provide a offline interim backup server solution on premise. This will ensure Business-As-Usual (BAU) activities, buffering all transactions in a store-and-forward manner to the central server when system is online. This also ensures the best performance of data transfers locally giving the seamless customer experience in the store.