AEVIS smart retail

Basic Essentials

Aevis Smart Cloud

AEVIS  cloud central

A cloud-based, supporting multi-location asset management system that integrates with the latest IoT devices to provide a dynamic real-time asset tracking capability across multiple locations. Partnering with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, AEVIS cloud central solutions are delivered with minimal efficent efforts.

Aevis Beamify

AEVIS  smart print

RFID label design and encoding application that supports a wide variety of RFID printers with ZPL compatibility. AEVIS smart print sends the print job from the application on a client terminal or from the handheld terminal running on AEVIS Beamify Android application, which in turn sends the print jobs to the respective printer via windows services.

Aevis Beamify

AEVIS  beamify

The android-based RFID and BARCODE mobile scanner performs scanning  operations in close and congested apparel environment. With the high-speed scanning capabilty and a tag hunting feature, AEVIS beamify fullfills the stocktake operation with accurate results, allowing the users to perform adequate quality checks on the audited assets.


AEVIS  labels & tags

RFID labels play a vital role the in retail asset management due to their ability to provide real-time and accurate tracking of inventory items. Barcode labels, in turn, provides identification of the product. They enhance efficiency, minimize errors, and enable seamless inventory replenishment, resulting in optimized supply chain.

AEVIS cloud central

aevis cloud central

AEVIS Asset Management System (AAMS)

Our solution allows business owner to effectively track, monitor, and optimize their inventory assets in their warehouse or stores. It provides a centralized platform for managing retail inventories and transactions. The system includes features for asset tracking, maintenance scheduling, inventory management, data analytics, and reporting thereby improving the operational efficiency, cost reduction and make data-driven decisions to optimize asset utilizations and performances. Our solution ensures the best optimized practices of the logistic workflows while maintaining a easy to understand essential process for business owners to maintain.

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AEVIS smart print


AEVIS smart print

is a sophisticated window-based application designed to seamlessly integrate with both RFID and non-RFID label printers with the support of universal ZPL code format. This cutting-edge software solution fully supports the widely recognized GS1-compliant barcode standards, ensuring compatibility and compliance with industry requirements.  

User can design the labels and templates using our application and select the desired templates to be printed from a loaded CSV file.  The package also have the option of a backend windows service to receive print job requests from external devices, like the WIFI handheld terminals.

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AevisPrint Label Designer


AEVISPRINT is a light-weight label designer that allows the use to create simple label templates that supports, text, graphics, 1D/2D barcodes, QR Codes and RFID contents

API based Integration

AEVIS SMART PRINT provides the integration end point for any applications to send the intended print jobs to the indicated printer. Refer to AEVIS BEAMIFY for more information on such use case.

Background Windows Service

Print jobs can be created from within the AevisPrint App or external applications. All print jobs will then be sent to the respective printer from the backend running windows service.

AEVIS beamify

Aevis Beamify

AEVIS Beamify is an advanced Android-based RFID handheld terminal equipped with cutting-edge scanning capabilities, specifically designed to excel in real-time stocktake operations, particularly within compact inventory environments. This state-of-the-art device offers lightning-fast scanning speeds, ensuring swift and accurate data collection for inventory management.

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Android-based RFID Handgun

The Android-based RFID handgun is a versatile tool for mobile operations involving the scanning of RFID tags in close proximity. Its sleek design and advanced features ensure comfortable handling and precise scanning. Enhancing productivity and efficiency, this RFID handgun is a game-changer for industries such as inventory management, supply chain logistics, retail operations, and healthcare sectors.


High Speed Real-Time Scanning

High-speed real-time scanning of RFID handguns in a compact apparel store environment offers several benefits:

Rapid scanning enables quick inventory management, saving time and effort.
Real-time scanning ensures up-to-date inventory information, reducing discrepancies.
Loss Prevention
Constant audit monitoring or stocktake helps detect theft incidents promptly.
Data-Driven Decisions
Analysis of collected data provides valuable insights for informed decision-making.

Inbound / Outbound Transaction

Beamify enables users to efficiently perform a range of essential warehousing tasks, including outbound picking, stockouts, and inbound receiving. With Beamify, users can streamline their operations and enhance productivity by seamlessly managing the outbound picking process, ensuring accurate and timely fulfillment of orders. Additionally, Beamify facilitates smooth stockouts, enabling efficient inventory control and minimizing stock discrepancies. Furthermore, the platform simplifies inbound receiving, allowing for seamless integration of new stock into the warehouse, ensuring optimal supply chain management.

Tag Searching

Users have the capability to designate a specific tag for search within the Beamify system. With this functionality, the system initiates a comprehensive scan in the surrounding area, employing audio notifications in the form of beeps to alert the user when the designated tag is detected within range. This feature enhances efficiency and accuracy in locating specific RFID tags, providing a professional and seamless user experience.

Integration with AEVIS Smart Print

Beamify app sends barcoded information to the backend server via WIFI where the AEVIS SmartPrint application takes over to do the reive encoding, tag association and printing.

AEVIS labels and tags


RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) label tags are small electronic devices that utilize radio waves to store and transmit information wirelessly. Each tag consists of a microchip and an antenna, and it can be attached to or embedded within items, making them trackable and identifiable. These tags interact with RFID readers by emitting radio signals that carry data, such as a unique identifier for the tagged item.

In asset control, RFID label tags offer significant advantages. They streamline inventory management by enabling rapid and accurate identification of assets without the need for direct line-of-sight scanning. This expedites processes like checking items in and out, auditing, and locating assets. Through automated tracking, organizations can enhance asset utilization, minimize losses due to theft or misplacement, and reduce manual labor hours required for manual data entry.

By integrating RFID technology into asset control systems, businesses can maintain real-time visibility into their asset inventory, improving overall operational efficiency. It aids in preventing stockouts, optimizing asset distribution, and facilitating data-driven decision-making. The ability to monitor assets seamlessly enhances security measures and minimizes the risk of human errors, ultimately leading to better resource allocation and cost savings.

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Products and Services Provided

  • Customed RFID Tags Supplies
    (Including metal and non-metal tags)
  • Professional Services
    (Includes tag pre-printing and encoding and training)
  • Trial Samples upon request

Basic Essentials Package

RFID PRINTER Honeywell Desktop RFID Printer (Bundle with AEVIS Smart Print) 01
RFID MOBILE SCANNER Honeywell Barcode / RFID Handheld Scanner, loaded with AEVIS BEAMIFY 01
AEVIS CLOUD CENTRAL Cloud based Asset Management System hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) ** 01
RFID TAGS RFID Tags (UHF) for asset tagging 500

Price: SGD $5,000

** Subscription Fee Applies
    • License free for first 12 months, thereafter $1,500 / year
    • Limited to 500 SKUs and up to 3 store locations
    • $100 annually per 100 SKUs add-on
    • $100 annually per store location add-on
    • Hardware add-on quoted seperately

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