Our Products


AEVIS SMART Queue Management System (QMS)

AEVIS SMART QMS is a fully customized system to keep track on the queue, which runs on the Cloud Server while the client kiosks are running on the Intel® AMT Technology supported platform.

The key benefits of the system focus on the following:

  • Boast Customer Satisfaction and Profits
  • Managed Overwhelming Queue Areas
  • Design to deliver Smooth and Seamless Operation
  • Reflect Latest Queue Status via Online Portal
  • Queue Historical and Analytical Reports
  • Customized Solution for your Business Operations

AEVIS SMART Point of Sales (POS) System

Our AEVIS SMART POS System can be fully customized to fulfill every unique requirements of the retailer, leveraging on the most powerful, advanced and flexible Cloud retail system available, with simple to execute procedures designed for the ease of usage.

Smart Retail System

Smart Retail System is a unique suite of applications incorporating different technologies which includes WIFI, Bluetooth, RFID, Video Analytics and Artificial intelligence. With this platform, retail owners are able to capture statistical information thereby turning it into a profiling database for better retail experience.

Digital Signage Video Walls

Powerful, easy-to-use software lets you deploy, manage and control any type of display wall from anywhere.

Manage and schedule both content and lay out changes (such as zones, multi-window, picture in picture) through the cloud. Synchronize video walls and digital signs when needed and optionally add interactivity for deeper customer engagement.

Stock Take System cum Asset Tagging System

The stock take system cum asset tagging system is designed to manage stock levels and keep accurate count of holding inventories, to ensure optimum working capital for your organization and sufficient stocks for operational requirements.

Its strengths include the many customizable reports that can assist in making timely and correct business decisions and a verification system that compare actual count results to recorded inventories, identifying discrepancies immediately and accurately.

Sport and Event

Marathon Tracking System

Our patent pending SPARTech technology simplify event logistics while keeping accurate time records and are successfully demonstrated in the Marathon Tracking System, a real-time monitoring process made for both runners and spectators, during races and workouts.


Asset Management System (AMS) Lite

AMS ensure that the right asset is deployed at the right moment and occasion for improved business efficiencies, through improvements in sourcing, visibility, security and accuracy, achieved by identifying and tracking the deployment of critical assets.

Human Tracking System

Field-proven technology that includes the mobile network anchors, forming a self-localizing, self-calibrating, and self-healing mesh-network infrastructure. The patent-pending location methods and algorithms are designed and built from the ground-up for large scale deployments.

The mobile tag is perfect for tracking personnel in any work-space  environments. The mobile tag has a thin form factor, making it especially  useful as a lanyard-type wearable device.

The mobile tag has a badge form factor that can be fully provisioned, managed and programmed remotely over the air anywhere within the mesh-network coverage area, without the need for proprietary hardware or complex network  integration.

The mobile tag is designed for enterprise customers who want to increase  the employee efficiency and safety by having real-time visibility to  employees’ whereabouts. 

Industries such as healthcare, retail, chemical plants, and power plants,  for example, can incorporate the mobile tag as a staff or visitor security and ID badge. 

Worn around the neck, the badge acts as an alarm device and enables  two-way communication anywhere within the private wireless network, indoors or outdoors.

Warehouse Management System - LARGO

LARGO is a system that helps you to run and manage your warehouse operation in a much more simple way.

Application that supports day-to-day operations in a warehouse.

  • Track and trace every item physically
  • Enforce standard procedure
  • Manage Bin, Batch, Lot, Serials and FIFO/FEFO handling


LARGO is very intuitive and easy to use even by those who have not used a system previously!

Core features such as serial number tracking, FIFO/FEFO Cycle Count are readily available.

LARGO can be integrated with ERP or other third party back-end systems easily.

LARGO can be extended to other operational activities accordingly for a more complete, end-to-end efficiency.

Using barcode optimally to enable effective and swift items tracking and traceability.

LARGO is designed with quick implementation.

Quick and professional response by out support team via online chat or call to Remote Access Support.

Are you going to use your own server or prefer to get hosted on the cloud? LARGO supported both methods.


Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System ensures that all visitors and guests can be quickly and accurately recorded and verified, capturing and providing secure system records.